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Students over 10 years of age to provide professional English training
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Scarlett's Language Training Agency:
      Scarlett's Language Training Agency founded in 2014 combines both online education and physical training in Changzhou. The training agency focuses on providing professional English training for individuals over 12 years. The headquater is in Changzhou while the branch is in Jiangyin. 【more>>】
To create a comfortable English training environment for you to learn more
  • Business English learning methods
    An authoritative interpretation of the group of experts in english. English lear【more>>】
  • Advantages of learning English
    Mainly from such a few aspects to help you analyze the study of the "new concept【more>>】
  • New concept English reciting method
    Method (1) (1) clear purpose and focus Reciting a text or a statement must be 【more>>】
  • The teaching of Chinese
    The teaching of Chinese as a foreign language is the cause of the state and the 【more>>】
  • A few levels of Public English
    The National English test PETS, divided into PETS1 level to level 5. PETS 1: th【more>>】
  • Benefits and uses of Spanish
    The Spanish is the official language of 21 countries in the world, is one of the【more>>】
  • The formation of Spanish
    The formation of Spanish is closely related to the development and evolution of 【more>>】
  • How many countries speak Spanish
    1, Spanish is formed in Spanish Castilian dialect based on the ancient Latin, be【more>>】
  • Recommended English films
    Primary 1、TheGraduate   2、Sabrina   3、Soundof music   4、Ca【more>>】
  • What is the focus of English study
    1: word, is the basis of English learning, as much as possible to remember the w【more>>】
  • Phonogram English learning method
    Memory method (only need to remember a long tone): A, vowels: [i:], [i], [:], []【more>>】
  • Japanese language learning skills
    Everyone in the beginning of the Japanese language may have heard such a sentenc【more>>】
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